In today's environment, with construction and design regulations and laws
beingexposed to continuous updating, the updated documents and quick access to
thesedocuments are highly desirable. In this context, we suggest that the issue
ofcooperation be addressed. 
KAZGOR Design Academy has pleasure in offering a just-launched DEREK-INFO
information system – an electronic database of statutory instruments and technical
regulations with a multifunctional search engine. This system is the next step forward
in the development of the “DEREK-INFO. Construction” data retrieval system, the
established product in the market of Kazakhstan.
Users have now an option of info system packages – DEREK-INFO,
DEREK-INFO Plus or DEREK-INFO Max – being under the same software platform
and service level, but having different information content.
System upgrades of importance are as follows:
• added functionality offering advantage over the previous system;
• full compatibility with advanced Windows operating systems;
• unlimited number of network users;
• frequency of updates – once a month.
DEREK-INFO IS is a leading-edge software package that allows users to work with a
database of numerous statutory instruments and technical regulations and ensures full
compliance of design documents issued with regulations and standards.
DEREK-INFO IS is designed for a wide range of users: engineers, architects,
estimators, production engineers, IT professionals, business executives, government
officials and other concerned persons addressing design and construction, building
materials production and facilities operation in various industries.
DEREK-INFO IS is a next generation search engine with a sophisticated user
interface, convenient retrieval and filtering system, which allows meeting any
challenges inherent in the use of technical regulations.
System advantages:
• availability of a classifier that is compliant in structure with industry-specific lists
  and documents indices;
• centralized store of all information required to professionals to make it available
  to them;
• defining search options by attributes (document title, index, number, keyword, etc.);
• provision of an option of additional information sections.
System of KAZGOR’s interaction with public authorities ensures reliability of information and its prompt  updating.
To subscribe, please call: +7 727 2795084, 2794101; fax +7 727 2588571.
The online application form and the text of agreement are available on website
Our address: KAZGOR DA, 81 Abylai khan Avenue, Almaty, 050000
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