Horse Park in Yeongcheon, international contest
Location: Yeongcheon, Korea
Design: 2015
According to the competition regulation, a horse-themed park incorporating a racetrack of 1 474 883 sq. m in total is proposed to be constructed to become a local attraction. The Unplugged Horse Utopia theme park aims to combine entertainment, educational, sports and environmental trends.
The design authors did their best to incarnate a fantasy world vision in the park created for an amazing, extremely beautiful and true friend of people - a horse; to turn into reality a dream of breath-taking horse park - kingdom of horse “Horse Utopia”, which reconciles extraordinary nature and architecture and “which makes horses happy and in which people can experience relaxation and healing by spending time with these horses”.
The fantasy kingdom appeared as a result, with vast expanses of both wildlife (beautiful mountain landscape) and man-made architectural space - the magnificent Propylaea, the main element of which are structures resembling giant tree-ferns, symbols of pristine nature.
The magnificent pylons (30 m high) emphasize the common spatial scale of the park complex as a whole, with its vast Fore-Plaza and the Central zone, the platform topped with racecourse facilities, forests for guided horseback riding located west of site - endless smooth surface of artificial lake Pungrakji. The protruding right (south-east) wing of racecourse facilities, which faces the Fore-Plaza before the artificial lake, has been designed as plastically dynamic structures stretching forward and upward, the shape and nature of which evokes associations with a fast-running horse.
Plastic and elastic outlines of the south-western and south-eastern part of the racecourse platform are like the mighty wings of the mythical Pegasus - the legendary horse that raptured the whole world with its beauty, strength and proud, indomitable temper. According to the legend, to gain maximum speed before take-off, Pegasus had to take a few steps on the ground, and the architectural image created is like a winged horse prepared to take-off.