Museum of Fine Arts, sketch-idea, International Contest
Location: Turkestan
Design: 2018
City of Turkestan, one of Kazakhstan’s most ancient cities, has become the administrative center of the Turkestan Oblast. The city has many monuments of architecture. The main attraction of the city is the mausoleum at the tomb of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, a famous poet and preacher, constructed at the end of the XV century.
In the sketch idea elaboraion, the design originators were guided by the desire to create a piece of distinctive architecture representing both modern era and ancient cultural motifs. The contest required that the museum should address  acquisition, display, storage, study, restoration and promotiion of artwork about nature, people and life in Kazakhstan created by both Kazakhstan’s and foreign originators.
The main massing of the museum features a plastic composition of trefoil. Located in the parkland, the museum has open spaces of galleries and courtyards allowing for additional outdoor exhibit displays.
A comfortable, inspiring and attractive atmosphere provided the basis for the internal arrangements of museum’s space. It is a one-storey building. Three exhibition halls  shaped as the trefoil are at the heart of the building. The main entrance vesibule leads the museum visitors to the good-sized lobby accommodating the cloakroom, cafeteria with bar counter and kitchen, souvenir kiosk, lecture hall, recreational patio, toilets and associated rooms. Exhibitional halls are lighted by skylights providing soft daylighting. Wide-span structures that cover the exhibitional halls create the free layout.