The 540-student high tech school with the 55-children learning centre
Location: Almaty
Design: 2019
The construction site for the 540-student high tech school with the 55-children learning centre is located along the Eastern Bypass Road within the Korkem Park Residential Development under construction. The construction site seismic activity was assessed as high – 10 points.
The school complex consists of five different rectangular blocks –
educational centres for various age children - interconnected by the Hub. All blocks differ by their internal planning proposal. The architectural concept features mainly their interconnection by the public block with a gridded glass faсade.
The massing and internal planning proposal for the building is focused on state of the art learning methodology, fresh approaches to the space design and the combination of learning functions for various age children. Blocks afford a bright but uniform integral space for children. Each block is a two- or three-story building with HVAC mechanical rooms in the attic. The optimal location of HVAC mechanical rooms has specified the shape of the each block roof. In addition, the design provides the green roof with dwarf vegetation of various colour shades, which contributes to solving the energy efficiency issues and more seamless integration of the building into the environment.
The heart of the complex is block A, which serves as the Hub, eating and meeting areas. This is an open space of 3-storey atrium connecting all the blocks. It may host celebrations, ceremonies, conferences and other events.
Blocks B, C and D are the main functional blocks of the complex. They include classrooms and various function rooms. Moreover, all 3 blocks have a similar layout of rooms - they are connected to the
Hub-atrium through the entrance lobbies with lockers and toilets. In each block, classrooms are located around the skylight lobby designed as open learning area.
Block E is designed for children of the younger age group
(3 to 6 year olds), and it is located in the most secluded and private area of the site. The building itself and the surrounding area are protected against noise and pollution from the highway.
Block F accommodates rooms for sports and cultural events: swimming pool, sport hall, fight club, dance studio, musical classes, rooms for clay drawing and a large gym.